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I am often asked, I want to sell my vinyl records, I must get rid of my old records or how do I sell records online, who buys vinyl LP's or records?
I do! And if you want to know where to sell your old vinyl records, please phone Better On Vinyl and ask for Chris, 07956 194599 and tell me what albums you have to sell.

Another frequently asked question is, I would like to sell my records,
how much are my old records really worth? I will always give you a valuation over the phone but much better if I can see the records in person. The condition of both the vinyl and sleeve plus any inserts, poster etc are so important to the overall value of the record. The pressing, is it 1st, 2nd or a later pressing, this will make a huge difference on the value.
Who buys record collections and CD's?
I do!

So if you are looking to sell your much loved or pre loved vinyl please email or phone Better on Vinyl and speak to Chris. I will always answer the call or phone back as soon as I can if you leave a message.

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